Friday, May 15, 2015

Tag! This or That! + Get to Know Me

Hello Friends!

Today I thought I would do another tag! This is the "This or That" tag! If you want to see what I get up to in a normal day or what to see pictures from my day check out my Instagram (@ErinElizabeth8L).

Without further ado here is the "this or that" tag!

This or That
Blush or Bronzer: 
I like blush, if I just have foundation on I will at least add a small amount of blush just to add a little natural flushed color.

Lip gloss or Lip stick:
I prefer lip stick because it's not as sticky as lip gloss. I love lip stains though!

Eyeliner or Mascara:
Mascara! Hands down, if I don't put any other eye makeup on I will at least put on mascara.

Foundation or Concealer:
Foundation, unless I have breakouts that need to be concealed.

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow:
Neutral all the way, unless I have something super special that I want add a little color to.

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow:
I've tried loose eyeshadow and I can say without a doubt that I would go with pressed eyeshadows any day!

Brushes or Sponges:
I've only ever tried the drugstore sponges and they don't really blend as well as brushes do. So, I would definitely go with brushes!

OPI or China Glaze:
I've actually never tried either! I've heard a lot more about OPI though.

Long or Short:
I like longer nails! Unfortunately mine like to chip and peel.

Acrylic or Natural:
For the reasons above I do prefer natural nail. I've had acrylic before and that's why my nails are so bad. :(

Brights or Darks:
I love bright colored nails! I will do darker colors on occasion, but I go for mint or coral colors!

Perfume or Body Splash:
Perfume! Especially the roll ons!

Lotion or Body Butter:
I've tried both and I would definitely have to go with lotion!

Body wash or Soap:
Body wash, only because you can get so many different scents and you don't have to deal with a bar of soap just sitting around.

Lush or Other bath company:
I love the smell of Lush products, but I don't have one nearby so I do more with Bath and Body works.

Jeans or Sweat Pants:
Jeans when I'm out and about otherwise I live in my yoga pants.

Long sleeves or Short:
Short sleeves, I get warm really easily.

Dresses or Skirts:
I like Maxi dresses, does that count?

Stripes or Plaid:
I don't really like a lot of stripes so I would have to say plaid.

Flip Flops or Sandals:
Sandals, unless I'm in a hurry or just running errands.

Scarves or Hats:
I don't look good in hats, and my dog hates when I wear one, so scarves all the way!

Studs or Dangly earrings:
I used to wear nothing but dangly earrings, but over the last few years I've been wearing studs, they just don't get in the way of anything.

Necklaces or Bracelets:
I only wear one necklace, so I would say bracelets! I have so many that I like to change up my look.

Heels or Flats:
Flats, I'm not coordinated enough to wear heels.

Jacket or Hoodie:
Hoodies, just for the comfort factor!

Curly or Straight:
I have straight hair that doesn't hold a curl at all!

Bun or Ponytail:
I go for either a top knot bun or a sock bun.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips:
Bobby pins! They hold hair so much nicer. Do butterfly clips still exist?

Hairspray or Gel:
Hairspray! Does anyone really like the crispy gel hair anyway?

Long or Short:
Right now I really like my hair long. I've tried short hair, but I never liked it.

Light or Dark:
Again, I've done both and I can honestly say I love my blonde hair! Although there are days when I miss my dark hair.

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs:
I do side sweep my bangs when I first get my hair cut, but after a few weeks I have full bangs. So, I guess I just go with it.

Up or Down:
Normally I wear my hair down. I have to have it up for work, so when I'm not working I like having it down.

Rain or Shine:
It really depends on my mood. I love the sunshine, but I really like falling asleep to a nice thunder shower.

Summer or Winter:
Summer, only because my birthday is in the summer, and I live in the midwest where winters just suck.

Autumn or Spring:
I really like autumn! The trees changing colors and the crispness in the air.

Chocolate or Vanilla:
Again, this one depends on my mood.

Kim, Kortney, or Khloe:
I don't really have much of an opinion on this one, but I would say probably Khloe.

Coffee or Tea:
I love my tea, but if I want a little something extra I go for the espresso!

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed this little tag! Now it's your turn! Comment down below with your blog so I can see what y'all would choose!
We'll see what comes tomorrow! Let me know what y'all would like to see. I might do a come along with me, but stick tight for next week! I have another great recipe coming your way, more beauty posts, more lifestyle, and another #RealTalk!
xoxo -Erin